Carol Creel

Carol Creel is an artist, a photographer, and a teacher. The New Orleans native started painting watercolors in 1980 and later broadened her horizons to oil. Her skills have been cultivated through academic training, natural talent, and ingenuity. She attended the University of New Orleans, Louisiana State University, and Baton Rouge Academy of Fine Arts.

Her education led her to an interest in photography which plays a major role in Carol’s creativity. She takes many photographs of her subjects to capture the right setting, light, and mood for her paintings. Just as the camera freezes a moment in time so do her colorful works of animals, flowers and people.

Carol’s work also brought her to teaching. She teaches watercolor technique three times a week to beginners and advanced students. She also gives workshops on many facets of painting. She first creates the piece and then gives step-by-step instructions on how each student may paint the piece themselves.

Carol’s work has been exhibited across the U.S. and Europe. She is a member of the Baton Rouge Art League, the New Orleans Art Association, the Louisiana Watercolor Society and a recent winner of a National Watercolor Society award. You can see her work in these shows and by appointment at her studio.